Another Box Checked

Well, another day in the books. I made it through. It was not as easy as yesterday, but I got through it. Today some thoughts of the long journey ahead crept into my head and tried to discourage me. Like I mentioned before, I need to keep it short and sweet. Today is always my goal. Focus!

I stayed within my calorie goal and food choices. I was not able to make it to the gym. I must have slept wrong, and it pinched a nerve. Not that I am sad I missed going. I do not want to go! I need to go tomorrow, or I know I will stop going altogether.

The funny thing is that I always feel good after the gym, but even knowing that does not help motivate me to go. I also feel a boost of self-esteem by getting through a day of eating right, but that does not help motivate me either. Weird, huh? I don’t get it. Why can’t I be addicted to exercise and vegetables?cookie_monster_what_the_hell_is_this_crap

I keep thinking that if I can beat this, I mean, really, beat this, I can be an example to others. Help show others that they can overcome. They can conquer their addiction as well. That’s something to get motivated by, but, will it.

Bring on tomorrow.


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