The Dawn Of Day Two

As my eyes opened on the morning of the second day of battle, I had already felt that something was different. Where was the overwhelming confidence and determination I had yesterday? It was half gone. I turned to and prayed that the Lord would give me strength to make it through another day and the mindset to eat healthily.

I grabbed a low carb protein shake to curb the hunger while battling the thought on how good a Chik-fil-a breakfast would taste. I keep telling myself that I lost two and a half pounds from yesterday and if I have another successful day of eating that I might hit a minor goal on the scale.

You see, I need short-term goals to continue. I need to see some progress. I give myself small goals, or I will lose focus. For example, if I can get through one day or if my weight drops past the 5 or the 0 on the scale. That might seem weird, but it works for me. You have to have some system to keep you motivated, and that’s mine.

I am going to go get my day started. Make some egg beaters and turkey sausage and stay busy. I would sure love to get two wins in a row.


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