I Want To Cheat

I knew as I went to bed last night that today was going to be tough. I was hungry, and I wanted to eat something delicious. So far, I have eaten the same things every day. Eggs, chicken, turkey, Greek yogurt, protein shakes and cheese sticks. I keep my calories in my target range and drank plenty of water. I had lost 6 pounds to that point but even with all that good, I wanted to be bad.

I woke up this morning, and the scale recorded some more weight lost. I had my breakfast and mid-morning snack as usual but one side of my brain was speaking to me since the night prior, “You are doing so well, you should reward yourself with a cheat meal.” I hate that side of my brain. My brain is the source of my addiction. It wants a release of pleasurable feelings that a fat filled meal and dessert would provide.

The good side of my brain did not want to blow it. I have a goal weight in mind for the end of the month, and so far I am on target. No telling how far back a cheat meal will put me. I can’t take the risk, but I want to satisfy this craving for a little variety in a healthy way.

I decided on one California Roll with brown rice. I looked up the calories for the portion I was looking at, and it was a little less than 200 calories. I hope I did not make a bad choice. I have had success in cutting out carbs and keeping a low-calorie diet. This was the only carb I have had this week. I am afraid that the scale will not reward me tomorrow. I feel guilty for eating it. Not as guilty as I would have if I hit a fast food joint, but a little guilty non-the-less.

Well, maybe I will be in luck, and I found a healthy snack that won’t counteract my diet.


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