A Welcomed Moral

Busy, busy, busy. I love days that I am so busy that time flies and I don’t notice missing my one or two of my five small meals I eat each day. It sure does make the day easier and removes a few temptations.

There is nothing worse than sitting around feeling the belly rumble and listen to the brain send thoughts of food I can’t eat. The only downfall is when you finally stop, you sense how hungry you are. Then it is key to have a plan to eat healthily. Luckily, today, I had my family to keep me on track, and I chose wisely on a meal at Chili’s. I can’t tell you had bad I wanted a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon, cheese, a side of delicious french fries, and of course, honey mustard. Oh, that would have hit the spot! No, I had the chili mango chicken with broccoli. I passed on the rice, so the meal came to about 250 calories.

Now, the day is almost over, and with the good choices under the belt; there is no reason to blow it now. It’s funny, how I look for every opportunity of excuse to say, “I can’t blow it now. I did good today.” I guess that is the fight. Looking for a reason to fight, instead of reasons to quit. Ah, I found the moral of the blog. Find reasons to fight and not reasons to quit


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