The Reason For My Suffering

Like I mentioned in earlier blogs, I need a goal and a reason to lose weight, and eat healthy. Since the end of September 2014 through New Years day, I’d put on 30 pounds. Luckily, for me, I have a cruise with family and friends scheduled for the 31st of January. So, like a good food addict, I decided to try to lose about 25 pounds before the trip.

Today is day nine, and I have not cheated in any way. I have lost 10 pounds, and it is noticeable. I am happy with my results and hope to keep it up for another 17 days. I am confident I will get to my goal, even though I crave everything I can’t eat.

The serious issue, which has me, and my spouse worried is that my goal is a floating, 24-hour buffet, and I want to, and probably will, eat everything onboard. I know that is a horrible thought process. It reminds me of a story I once heard a preacher tell. It was a man dying of emphysema and going to an old town revival meeting in hopes of getting God to heal him. The evangelist at the revival prayed for the old-timer, and while praying he noticed a pack of cigarettes in the dying man’s pocket. He went to remove them while praying for the coughing man, but the old man blocked his access to the cigarettes. He tried to get them again, with the same result. Finally, the evangelist asked the old man why he wouldn’t let him take the cigarettes away if he wanted God to heal his disease. The old fellow replied that he wanted God to heal him so he could smoke more.

That was a true story, and so is mine. I am counting the days until I can eat whatever I want, until my heart is content. Oh, I tell myself and my spouse that I will use moderation and not overdo it, but I know the truth of what I really want. I don’t want to make myself sick, but I want to eat a lot. I will go and spend an hour on the treadmill as many days as I can to burn some calories, but I know I will not burn near enough to not gain back weight on this trip.

Maybe I am speaking this way because I am so hungry from cutting calories and exercising, but one thing is true, though; all, I think about, is food. I want food. Every piece of food, I want to eat it. Maybe I am dramatic. I have been accused of that before, but I love food.

When I get back from this trip I hope and pray that I will get back on a balanced diet of eating right and exercising. I don’t want to crave fatty and sugary foods anymore, but I do.

So, until I can figure it out how to defeat these cravings, I will carry on.


6 thoughts on “The Reason For My Suffering”

  1. That reminds me of what I was going through when I was overweight (120lbs). I thought about food a l l t h e t i m e I switched over to a high-fat low carb diet and it cured it. If you’re curious, look up ketogenic or paleo diet. The bulletproof diet is a great place to start since it’s probably the most comprehensive diet book out there.

    Good luck on your journey,


    1. I am currently doing a high protein, low carb diet, and am seeing great results. I have heard a lot about the paleo from a friend who does it as a part of his Crossfit regiment. Seems worth a good look. Thanks for the encouragement.

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  2. How brave you are. I know that feeling. The last cruise I went on was 2008 and I know that If I was too lose all control. Yes, I would leave that ship weighing 15 pounds more. They encourage you to eat more and more.
    Instead of being envious, I know feel your anxiousness. This is my plan that I am on for now. I am seeking God to see if I need another change for I have come to a plateau and my scales are driving me nuts.
    But this is how God has led me to see so far. Eat only three meals a day, no snacks, and half portions. This is how I lost weight. I dont diet at all. I have even eaten deserts. Lost weight through Christmas, wow!
    Now I’m at a plateau. Ahhh! A cruise now would / is a challenge.
    Since you mentioned God, I feel that you are seeking Gods help, therefore I will pray for you.
    Lord, grant this new friend wisdom and increase within her the gift of self-control esoecially on this ship. When this trip is over, let her leave that ship in victory instead of defeat. Let her rejoice in this major victory! For this victiory Lord, we praise You in advance. Amen
    Keep us posted, okay. We are expecting a good report for your victory is just ahead.
    Make your focus the new interesting people you will meet. We will also ask that God place next to you a support buddy at your table. You can do this with Gods help.


    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement and the prayer. I know I can conquer this with His help and strength. I have come to terms that the cruise will be a reward for good results, and I pray for a quick return to healthy eating upon my return.

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