Battle of Chickamauga

The Battle Rages

I love history. I enjoy reading, and studying the past. One of my favorite parts of history is past military conflicts. I could spend hours reading and learning about how battles were raged in the past. The strategy, the near misses, the subtle things that cause a skirmish to end up one way or another. My brain is in constant battle with itself.

A battle rages and decisions are fought over. I want the results of not being addicted to food. I want the weight loss. I want to not be addicted to food. I want to be healthy. I want my entire brain to be in agreement. It seems that one side of it is hell-bent to get me to eat and gorge myself with sugar, and fatty foods. The other wants the freedom, and positive results.

As day 13 comes to a close, the battle was once again bloody, but I have stayed the course. This battle was won, but the war rages on.


3 thoughts on “The Battle Rages”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I hear the battle is tough, and I’m only getting started. It’s nice to see you succeed despite the struggle.


    1. The struggle has it’s ups and downs. The key is to just stay with it. Don’t let it get the best of you. I don’t think that I will ever succeed. I think this battle will go on for a long time. My goal is to just win more battles than I lose and to hold on to the victories for longer periods of time.


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