Nothing To Fear

Many of us who are on a quest to lose weight have a common enemy. No, I’m not taking about food. Food is not an enemy. We are foods enemy. We eat to much of it. I’m talking about the scale!

1510871_10205741843807596_3470140103577983125_nI wake up every morning and dread getting on it. I know that some of you don’t advocate getting on the scale every day, but I need the the motivation. I call it motivation but I am not sure that is the proper word. If I did not lose weight, then I am upset and want to quit. I probably won’t quit, but I want to. If I actual lose weight, then I am happy.

I hate the scale. I’m neurotic. I weight myself at night to see if I have stayed close to my weight during the day. I know I will lose at least a pound or two overnight, so I gauge it. I’m definitely a sicko, but it works for me.



In The Zone

As of yesterday, I finally was able to get out of bed and move around. I got back on track with counting my calories. I had put on 2 pounds in the two days I was sedentary. Luckily, those have found their way off again. I’m still a little frustrated as I lost a few days of potential headway.

Today, for the first time, I did not want to cheat. I am one week from the mini finish line I set for myself. In other words, I have one week until the trip I was using as motivation for weight loss. I’m close. I can see the finish line, and there is a chance I will win this one. It was a big goal, and it’s a neck in neck dash for the finish line. I want this!

I am too close to mess it up by cheating. I will stick to my healthy eating, I will continue to lose weight, and I will stay in control of the outcome. I can taste the spoils of victory.

Driving Crazy

I am driving myself crazy! This is day two, and hopefully my last day of rest. I am still recovering from my procedure and hopefully tomorrow I will venture out, and get back on my feet. I still can’t lift or go to the gym until next week, but I can at least get my blood pumping by moving around.

It appears I have gained a pound or two from being bed ridden, even though I did not eat poorly. I just did not burn any of the calories that I normally would have just taking care of day to day tasks.

Today, I did not even want to eat I was so upset at gaining. I know it is probably water weight, and I’ll probably lose it quickly, but I am a nut case. I now want a Chik-fil-a sandwich and fries! I won’t have one, plus no one would get it for me if I asked. Darn, people who love me!

Drain Bamage

There is something seriously wrong with me, and it is OK for you to laugh. I am currently laid up in bed after a minor, but routine out-patient procedure. To keep my blood sugar up, I need to eat more calories than I have been restricting myself to. I got home last night and ate a small plate of food, but should of had more. I almost passed out during the night when I got up.

So, my spouse was a tad upset with me and told me that if I even mentioned trying to stay on my low calorie regiment, I’d be whacked. Of course, it was said in jest, but honestly, I don’t want to gain weight so bad that even when I physically need more calories to survive I try not to or feel guilty about eating. Is that sick, or what?

I am a nut job. I know it is not a big deal in the grand scheme and my health depends on it, but I am hesitant. Dummy. No worries, I will do as the doctor tells me to and eat. It’s not like I am eating cake and ice cream. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get to the gym for a week or so because of the procedure, so I guess that aids my concern.

Anyway, I seem to be stuck with drain bamage. That reminds me of a great Bill Cosby act. Enjoy!