The Damage Is Done

Back on shore in the lovely U.S. of A! The cruise I have been longing to go on is over. Vacation is finished, and I am sad to say that I am back in reality.

So, you might be asking how I did eating on my trip. Well, I am happy and sad to say that I did not control myself in the least bit. I am happy about that because I knew I was going to let myself indulge and I did. I am sad also because I did indulge and gained more weight than I wanted to.

Since this was a planned action, the test will be this week as I plan to get back on my pre-trip eating plan and drop these new found pounds and then some.

It is time to see if I have any discipline stored up. I am praying I do. I have a good feeling about this time around. Post trip reengaging has always been hard for me. I am staying positive.


Driving Crazy

I am driving myself crazy! This is day two, and hopefully my last day of rest. I am still recovering from my procedure and hopefully tomorrow I will venture out, and get back on my feet. I still can’t lift or go to the gym until next week, but I can at least get my blood pumping by moving around.

It appears I have gained a pound or two from being bed ridden, even though I did not eat poorly. I just did not burn any of the calories that I normally would have just taking care of day to day tasks.

Today, I did not even want to eat I was so upset at gaining. I know it is probably water weight, and I’ll probably lose it quickly, but I am a nut case. I now want a Chik-fil-a sandwich and fries! I won’t have one, plus no one would get it for me if I asked. Darn, people who love me!